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Fire Fighting & Paramedics.

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Over 115 Suppliers... Thousands of Products & Services


We carry an excellent selection of premium products which meet the highest standards for firefighting, industry, paramedics, commercial/recreational fishing, construction, offshore, home owners and recreational sporting activities.


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Able 2 Products Company Emergency Warning Equipment

Acton Canada Rubber Boots, Leather Boots

Aearo Canada Limited  Communication Equipment, Hearing Protection

Airboss Defense Firefighting Boots

Akron Manufacturing Company  Nozzles, Adapters, Valves, Scene Lighting, Pike Poles, Cord Reels

Alfagomma Canada Inc.  Fittings, Hose

Alliance Mercantile / Viking Safety Boots, Gloves, Rainwear

American Firewear, Inc.  Firefighting Gloves, Flash Hoods

Armour Safety Products Company Quick Step Ladders




Big Al Clothing




Class 1 / Hale Products Inc. Fire Pumps

Codet Inc./Big Bill Work Clothing, Firefighting Coveralls

CET Fire Pumps MFG/C.E.Thibault Ladders Heavy-duty Ladders

Cobmex Military/Paramedic Sweaters

Columbia Sportswear Footwear, Clothing

The Compliance Centre Haz Mat / WHMIS Systems, TDG Placards

Cumings' Marine Services Ltd.

Cutters Edge Firefighting Rescue/Ventilation Saws




D.S.S. Marine Incorporated 


Duray Socks










Fantraxx - A Division of Leader Fan Industries Ventilation Fans

Federal Signal Corporation Emergency Warning Equipment

Fire Fly Signs Fire Fly Signs

Flag Fire Equipment Ltd. Fire Extinguishers

FlameFighter Corporation 911 Seats, Firefighting Equipment

Fox River Sox




GH Factory Hand Tools, Equipment

Ganka Rainwear, Gloves, Hats

Go-East Shoes Footwear

Grace Industries Inc. Man-down Alarms

Guardian Protective Clothing Firefighting/Rescue Coveralls

Groves Incorporated Bunker Gear Racks, Hose Winders, Hose Drying Racks




Class 1 / Hale Products Inc. Fire Pumps

Hastings Brass Foundry Ltd Fittings

Hazard Control Technologies Micelle Encapsulator Fire Suppression Agent

Highwater Hose Firefighting & Industrial Hose




Incom Manufacturing TDG Placards, Safety Equipment

The Indeka Group / JB Goodhue / Prospector Footwear

Innotex Certified Turnout Gear




J. P. Hammill & Son Limited Clothing, Work wear




Kamik Footwear, Clothing

Kochek Co. Inc. Low Level / Floating Strainers




Laurentide Gloves Ltd. Fibreglass Mitts & Gloves

LNS - Horizon Gloves Gloves




Medtronic - Portable Defibrillators

MDG Fog Generators Ltd. Smoke Generators

Mattech Industries Safety Matts

Mercedes Textiles Limited  Municipal Firefighting Hose, Forestry Firefighting Hose, Forestry Equipment, Firefighting Pumps

MSA - full line of fire and safety equipment

Mustang PFDs, Survival Suits, Life jackets




Natpro Inc.  Safety Chain Saw Pants & Chaps

Northline Coupling Systems Ltd. Fittings, Suction Hose, Piston Intake Relief Valves, Valves

North Safety Products Ltd. Safety Products




Ottawa Brass Limited Forestry Back tanks




POK Fire Fighting Equipment Firefighting Nozzles

Pacific Reflex Signs Decals

Parlee Manufacturing Kayak throw bags

Protek Nozzles Firefighting nozzles




R & B Fabricators Firefighting equipment bags & accessories

Ranpro Rainwear

Red Head Brass Fittings

Reflexite Reflective Technology Decals

Rice Hydro Inc.  Hose Testing Equipment

Tough Duck/Richlu Work wear





Seam Enterprises Inc. Safety Clothing, Traffic Equipment, Safety Equipment

Scott Plastics / Scotty Firefighter Firefighting Foam Equipment

Sojourn Enterprises Ltd. Traffic Safety

Soper’s Engineered Fabric Products Port-a-tanks

Sorel Footwear

Spill Tech Industries Inc Oil Spill Gear

Star Warning Systems Emergency Warning Equipment

Streamlight Inc.  Firefighting Flashlights

Steel Fire Equipment Equipment





Underwater Kinetics Flashlights

Unifoam Firefighting Foam

Unifire Ventilation Fans





W.S. Darley and Company Firefighting Equipment

Wasip Ltd. First Aid / Safety Equipment




Zephyr Industries Inc.  Firefighting Span Hammers

Zico-Ziamatic Corporation Breathing Apparatus Carousels, Firefighting Equipment Brackets


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